2023 Jewellery Trends You Should Keep on Your Radar

If you are not happy about your outfits, it might be the perfect time to update your jewellery collection. This year have already brought new and exciting jewellery trends that will be appreciated by many. Here are some, our most beloved, we are sure they will shine bright during all 2023.

1. The Power Pinky

Your little finger is getting much attention this season! Pinky rings has been popular from early ages and usually worn by men as symbol of social class, wealth and prestige. Back to the 1920’ and 30s many suffragettes started wearing pinky rings to show self-love. And the ring became the most feminist piece of jewellery. It’s more than enough to wear them proudly and we happy to see them on the top of season trends this year. 


2. Major Ear Cuffs

As oversized jewellery is still trending, ear cuffs are sizing up too. Make a statement this ear and add some spice to your ear with XL cuff. 

3. Contemporary Relics

It’s time to buy jewellery with vintage twist. On 2023 will be trending pieces of jewellery that feels as if it come from another era or it belongs to an art or history museum.

4. Beads Go To The Darker Side

We see a lot of darker stones in beading and are happy about it. It is more soft than colourful beads and can perfectly sit amongst other jewellery. 


6. Alternative Pearls

It’s time to go big, baby! Pearls will be on fashion tops forever. Choose your favourites and conquer the world! 

7. Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery 

Sustainability is increasingly important to consumers and this is reflect in the jewellery industry. More and more brands are committed to producing eco-friendly, ethically sourced pieces. We will definitely see a rise in jewellery made from recycled materials, lab-grown diamonds and fair trade gems. 


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